• 1The Rough Guide to Jordan , Matthew Teller (2013)
    "The Rough Guide to Jordan" is the definitive guide to the most alluring corner of the Middle East. Detailed accounts of every attraction, along with crystal-clear maps and plans, lift the lid on… 1139 руб

  • 2Sicily , Lisa Gerard-Sharp (2012)
    Insight Guide Sicily is an essential full-color guide to this sun-baked island off the toe of Italy. Whether you’re after active volcanoes (Stromboli and Etna, to name two), historic cities and… 635 руб

  • 3Etruscan Art. In the Metropolitan Museum of Art , Richard Daniel de Puma (2013)
    This informative and engaging book on the Museum's outstanding collection of Etruscan art also provides an introduction to the fascinating and diverse culture of ancient Etruria, which thrived in… 5358 руб

  • 4Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia (2017)
    The Scythians were an ancient nomadic people who lived in the south Russian steppe from 900 to 200 BC. They established a rich nomadic culture originating in southern Siberia and extending to… 3554 руб

  • 5French Chateau Living: The Chateau Du Lude , De Nicolay Barbara (2017)
    Providing intimate insight into life in a French chateau, this volume takes readers on an insider's tour of the Chateau du Lude, a private residence that features its original decorative interiors… 4967 руб

  • 6Herculaneum , Maria Paola Guidobaldi (2013)
    A sumptuously illustrated survey of the art and architecture of this prosperous Roman town, remarkably preserved by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 Herculaneum, located on the picturesque Bay… 14195 руб

  • 7Fausto&Felice Niccolini. The Houses and Monuments of Pompeii , Kockel Valentin (2016)
    Rising from the ashes: A meticulous record of the city that lay buried for 1, 600 yearsFirst published by Fausto and Felice Niccolini between 1854 and 1896 in Naples, Le case ed i monumenti di… 12602 руб

  • 8Geotrekking in Southeastern Arabia. A Guide to Locations of World-Class Geology , Benjamin Jordan R.
    Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Special Publications Series. Geotrekking in Southeastern Arabia presents the world’s most diverse geology and reveals some of the unique… 3824.32 руб электронная книга

  • 9Submerged Landscapes of the European Continental Shelf. Quaternary Paleoenvironments , Anthony Burgess
    Quaternary Paleoenvironments examines the drowned landscapes exposed as extensive and attractive territory for prehistoric human settlement during the Ice Ages of the Pleistocene, when sea levels… 8439.61 руб электронная книга

  • 10The Santa Fe House , Booker Margaret Moore (2009)
    This book presents in detail forty architecturally rich and picturesque houses, ranging from the earliest one-story adobe structures, with flat roofs and an emphasis on utility and simplicity, to… 1628 руб